Other Colored Sodalite Gemstones Unknown to the World

The universe of gemstones is an endless excursion with interesting data and information about them. The immense expanse of information incorporates intriguing realities and legend identified with them. The following is an entry of this world, uncovered.

Heliotrope (Bloodstone)

An ideal tint of blood, this chalcedony mineral relative is named as Heliodor. This antiquated ragged looking stone has been accepted to have tumbled from paradise. From the beginning of time, Greeks trusted it to be a unique healing for each sort of dying, clearing ragged looking eye, going about as a remedy for snakebite, and mitigating urinary difficulties.  A birthstone for March conceived, the less misty reflecting bits of dull red jasper, are especially ready to interest and pull in the spectator. This sort of heliotrope gems is famous among men, as rings. The genuinely solid hardness of 7 Mohs’ on scale makes it alluring with a serious dim green yet not so misty in nature.

Cat is Eye (Chrysoberyl)

A pleochroic gemstone of mineral family chrysoberyl, Cat is Eye is a shining yet a gemstone with supernatural forces had. It is additionally called as Cymophane. Legendary records state that this stone has been an appeal to prepare for insidious sodalite spirits. The eye showing up in the gemstone is said to observe all, for its wearer.  Feline’s Eye estimates 8.5 Mohs’ on scale and demonstrates its handsome sturdiness. This accommodating physical trademark went with its classy hues going from nectar yellow or nectar dark colored to yellowish green to a nearly emerald green, made it generally looked for after gemstone in the nineteenth century.

Sodalite Uses


The inside adornment gemstone for Marlborough house at England, Sodalite is a smooth purple to illustrious blue gemstone utilized for elaborate reason. It was first found in 1806 in Greenland. Afterward in 1891, enormous stores were found in Ontario, Canada.  Sodality is a semi-straightforward to semi-translucent mineral crystal which is very delicate in nature. Dissimilar to lapis lazuli, it comprises of white veins like appearance. What is more, it does not show any glossy bits like lapis, making it effectively recognizable.  Sodalite displays a hardness of 5.5 to 6 Mohs’ on scale. The mottled gemstone comes as a minimal effort substitute for expensive stones like sapphire, lapis lazuli and so on. They are primarily cut into cabochons or dabs.